A Hidden Truth behind World Trade Center Incident

The incident was one of the major incidents in the history of the world. The incidents changed the whole economy and the peace condition of the whole world. It can also be said that this incident infected the whole world.  If we remember, then we come to know that this was the attack of two planes on the world trade center of the America. These planes hit the two buildings and these buildings went down due to this attack. The incident has become controversial till the time due to so many reasons.
There was a team of engineers, who stated that this incident was also planned by the Government of America. These engineers were the planners of the map and design of these buildings. They said that these buildings were designed in such a manner that they could bear any harm. These buildings were specially designed for incidents of fire and earthquake. If the planes hit the building, then there must be some loss but only at the infected area. After this incident, it happened that these two buildings and the one more building, which was standing behind them, were went down to the ground.
The team of engineers concluded in their report about this incident that these buildings did not go down to the ground due to plan attacks. These buildings went down due to the planted bombs in the buildings. They have clarified the truth that the reason of the destruction was the bombs and these bombs were planted in the specific areas of the buildings. The plantation of the bombs in the building in this incident was the part of the planning and the government of America did this to achieve its black goals. The group of engineers also identified the points of destructions in the buildings.

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