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A Great Drama of the history of Pakistan

This video is about the great drama of the history. It was a tribute to the great heroes of the Pakistan Armed forces. These three officers of the Pakistan armed forces were batch mates. They joined the Pakistan army and got training in the army training center. In this drama, they are shown that how they passed their whole training and initial life before starting their professional career. One of the most beautiful and charming characters of this drama was the Shehnaz. Three officers were fall in love with this charming girl.
This was one of the most remember able dramas of the Pakistan history. People will never forget it. The meetings of these officers with Shehnaz separately were also a great moment in this whole drama. We never saw the character of the Shehnaz again in the whole drama history of Pakistan. People will also never forget the scene when Gulsher was speaking Pashto with the waiter of the mess. He was asking about the delicious food for the waiter. But the amazing thing was that the commandant understood their language. He never said any single words to them.
The most amazing and enticing thing of this drama was the characters of the army officers. In the first time in drama history of the Pakistan, it was shown that the army offices have also emotions. They are acting with emotions. Before this time, they were only shown like the status. They only know how to obey the order. This change made this drama a masterpiece in the world of art. Kashif, who faced the trauma after the war, was also great. It was one of the emotional scenes of this drama. The main thing of this drama was that it was very hard to find a single fault of this drama. 

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America Without Immigrants

Have you ever think how America will be without immigrants? Just have a look it will be like this. Thousands of immigrants across the country took the day off to protest President Trump’s immigrants policies. Immigrants comprise 17% of the workforce in America and they made up 47% of the increase in the workforce from 2004 to 2014.

A Call Center Employee – Arma Andino says with her tearful eyes that if I went to my country now, I would not even know where to go and what to do? I don’t know it. I belong here. I am a part of here. I grew up here. An American contractor said his tweet that half of my construction crew did not show up today for A Day Without Immigrants. He also said, immigrants are the ones who are building Austin’s booming real estate. 

A teacher says on tweeter that, this is what my classroom would look like without immigrants. 21 of my 28 kids are boycotting in support of A Day Without Immigrants. Celebrity Chef, Jose Anders says, we are taking care of so many different aspects of the American DNA. But somehow you are not granting us the possibility to become part of the American Dream.

Many restaurants and stores closed their doors for visitors on Thursday to show solidarity with immigrants. Tuis Mota – Chef and Co-Owner of La Contenta says, everybody is working is working over here is immigrant. First generation, second generation. Some just came over here. Without them we are nothing. We will be closed. 

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Underwater Restaurant

Would you like to dine underwater? This is an underwater restaurant. The Pearl lies 16 feet below the surface of swimming pool of Brussels. You can sip champagne while eating lobster and foie gras just for $100 per person. The food is delivered in waterproof briefcase by waiters who are professional divers.
Pearl Restaurant creator – John Beernaerts says, the sphere, it is a bit like going back to a fatal state like in cocoon. A visitor – Nicolas Mouchart came for the dinner at the Pearl Restaurant with his partner, he says, the two of us are like a couple of fish. We love being in the water. I think that what’s really cool is the fact that it’s unique. It is a dinner we will remember for the rest of our lives.
It is because everyone wants to eat trapped underwater specifically in a swimming pool, all wet, in a bikini, just after fresh from swimming. This would make more enjoyable and adventurous if it was in a lagoon in the Pacific Ocean, or it was suspended from a ship in Open Ocean where there's always a chance of the cable breaking or the waiters being taken out by a shark. A swimming pool sounds like a good but sea or ocean is awesome.
There is another thing is not good in indoor underwater in a swimming pool, that is chlorine gas smell which is usually used to clean the water of indoor pools and have to bear by swimmers. For those who grow up as competitive swimmer indoor are not really attractive because these pools have toxic clouds of chlorine gas.

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Lady Hiring Boyfriend On Rent

Some women are renting boyfriends in China for the Chinese New Year celebration. They are doing this for avoiding pressure of being single at the mega celebration where everyone enjoys with their partners. Similarly, here is woman describing her search and story for a rental boyfriend. She wants to rent a boyfriend to take her parents home for the Chinese New Year.
She search on the internet and says so many options are there. If I am lucky, I will find someone that is not so weird. Li Chenxi doesn’t want to be labeled a sheng nu or a leftover woman because she is 27 and still she is a single. Sheng nu is not a positive word. In Chinese society, it is just feels like someone has been abandoned. Some girl has been abandoned. Obviously it is not a good feeling of being abandoned. A fake rental boyfriend costs about $150 a day, with extra charges for a kiss on the cheeks or for a cuddle. 
She call a person for the job and talk about him and she asked him, are you seriously thinking about this? I am afraid my mom will keep pushing me to get married. So I will bring someone, whoever he is, to calm her down. She starts planning with her rental boyfriend about the meeting with her family with him. She asks him how old are you? He said he is 24 years old. She said I am 27 years old and asked him that he would tell her parents that he is 27 and he agreed. Then she said since we have dated for such a long time, why have I not told my mom about you? Can we say it is because you are becoming more mature? So I decided to tell her now and he agreed and says yes we could say that.
Finally Chenxi decided to take her rental boyfriend Sean, to her home. But still she is worried her mom won’t believe the lie. Her mother believed on lie but she says Sean is not good for her as he is too young and not looking a reliable and Chenxi returned to Beijing with bad feeling of lying to her parents.

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Trump Criticized Obamacare

Who loses if Obamacare is repealed? There have been thousands of questions about Obamacare. What is it and how many people use it? Who will be affected by the dismissal if it is closed? You have most likely heard some of the confusion online or firsthand. Different people respond it differently on a question when asked from people in US streets. Do you support Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act? A lady says I am not biggest fan of Obama, so I don’t support him in the Obama things that he is got going on.

So first of all it must be clear that what Obamacare is? Obamacare is just a nickname for the Affordable Care Act. They are the same thing and more than 20 million people rely on it to get healthcare they could not get anywhere else. The more than twice number of people is living in the New York City and more than Georgia and New Jersey combined. Now that we have cleared that up, here what you need to know about a possible repeal, if the Republicans get their way, 18 million people will lose their insurance in the first year. That number jumps to 27 million if they eliminate Medicaid eligibility and subsidies for insurance purchased through marketplaces. Any by 2026, 32 million people could be without health insurance.

CEO of Zuckerberg SF General Hospital, Dr. Susan Ehrlich says, it is hard to imagine taking all of that away. Before the Affordable Care Act that is before January 2014, almost 40% of our patients were uninsured and so now only about 17% of our patients are insured. Many patients with preexisting conditions rely on the Affordable Care Act.

A cancer patient – Jeff Jeans says, I was a Republican and I have worked for the Reagan and Bush campaigns. At 49 I was given 6 weeks to live with a very curable type of cancer. Thanks for the Affordable Care Act, I am standing here today alive. Obamacare requires that all health insurance companies, regardless if you have a preexisting condition or not. Though these protections are repealed, 1 in 4 Americans under that age of 65 might have difficulties getting health insurance.

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes in Ghana

Bikes are being made with plants. Founder of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative – Bernice Dapaah says, we are harvesting bamboo of production and we have all the components. When you look at the seat tube, all the sized that we want we can get it from the bamboo. The frame is complete recyclable, and for each bamboo plant used, the team plants ten more.

Bernice Dapaah is changing the face of transport in Ghana, by making bike out of bamboo. When I was in the college, I decided to see how best I can do something after school, especially using our local raw materials to do. Bernice is making a green from of transport even more eco-friendly. She already has trained and employed more than 35 young people, some of them disabled.

They are doing nice with nice designs like custoem made bikes. They write fancy names, very attractive names. Wbe are creating employment for them, so we are so happy about the social impact that the bamboo bike is making. The income is not only benefitting her employees. She is donating bikes to the local community. The idea of we even going backl, donating bicycle for kids that walk miles from their home though the bamboo bike production is really amazing.

How ingenious! Lightweight, renewable, non-polluting, community based. All wonderful outcomes from a single simple idea. Well done! We should encourage more people like this lady throughout the world instead of the exploitative, polluting multi nationals who are tax evaders. She may not be on a history book, she might not be a billionaire of a brand everyone knows, but she's making a change in her community, she's doing the best she can with the things in her surroundings, she's being successful and loving of her work. I'd love to be someone like this in the near future.

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Pakistan's First Female Bomb Squad

This woman is training to be Pakistan’s first female bomb squad member. Rafia Qaseem Baig is a constable in Pakistan’s KPK province police and she wants to break gender barriers. She is telling her dedication and support from people from her department, her colleagues, society and nation.
She says, when I put on this bomb suit, it’s weight make me realize what I have to do to serve the Pakistani people and what I have to do to bring peace and security here. So this is the responsibility that falls on my shoulders and to fulfill it, I have to keep myself ready. My only aim was to give a message to the world Pakistani woman are just as courageous and powerful as Pakistani men, to bring peace and help humanity.
I don’t feel that when I put on this suit and go dispose of an IED that I will die and become a martyr. Our religion teaches us about peacc, safety and serving humanity. And this creed of our religion is what compels me to do this job. This is a brilliant force because quite a few of our soldier have sacrificed their valuable lives for the security of this country and our society. Whatever our obligation is to maintain peace and security, we will do it.

At least 15 bomb squad members have been died since in 1986. But Rafia is not afraid. She hops we will be an example and a role model for other women to join up. Dedicating and devoting such pretty faces at utter risk for fight against terrorism to safeguard prettier faces. The world must now clearly know how much Pakistan as a country and nation is serious about fight against terrorism. She is a brave soul hopefully shell do a lot help clear the harm from everyone with the rest of a team made of women as well bless them. 

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Makeup Art to Cover Domestic Violence

A make up tutorial to hide domestic violence and a Moroccan channel broadcasted it on its morning show on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In the special beauty segment a beautician teach how a woman can hide signs of violence on her body. They use a lady with fake marks on her face like she was beaten up. The makeup artist used to explain about the makeup art with taking her as example.   
Beauty Presenter – Lilia Mouline presented her advice on a woman with fake bruises. It’s a subject we should not talk about at all but unfortunately that’s what it is. After the beating, this part is still sensitive, so don’t press. After that we take orange – corrector. We will put it on the part that is a bit blue. We put it on the corner of the eye, which is the part that gets the darkest.
You should use foundation with yellow in it. If you use the white one, your red punch marks will always show. If you are at work and have stuff to do, the foundation won’t disappear and the punch mark won’t start to show. So I hope we gave solution to women who need advice. We gave you beauty tips so that you can go on with your lives.
The sparked a controversy in the country and cause the channel to apologize twice, saying the segment was completely inappropriate given the sensitivity and the gravity of the subject. The issue was taken to social media where people criticized it by writing against the channels show. Ikram Benchrif says violence against women is a bit ugly but it is not bad with foundation. Diplome Harvard wrote what they did with their women’s show is typical of our society, when we can’t solve a problem, we put make up on it. One wrote how to hide a dead body, next in the show.

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Media Illiterate Are U.S. Students

Can you find the difference between articles whether they are real of not? A Standford University study asked middle schoolers to determine if links on Slate’s homepage were ads or articles. They picked a real article and a sponsored ad, where it was clearly mentioned statement Sponsored Content. More than 80% thought that displaying ads are real article, despite the word sponsored.
A link was used to an IBM ad that was designed to look like a real article. Sarah Mcgrew – Standford University says, we were so surprised by how much students struggled. Even adults struggle to identify sponsored content, which is may be why it’s increasing in prevalence. If you arrive at a site that you don’t recognize or you get emailed something that you do not know that who is behind this information. Just asking that question alone would help a lot of people out.
A lot of student responses went on and on about how much evidence was provided by that post, which in fact did not provide any. With a fake news becoming a political fighting term, the need for media literacy is growing. Libraries and education organizations are responding with new curricula.
High school students assessed the credibility of the image, Fukushima Nuclear Flowers. This is what happens when flowers get nuclear birth defects. Less than 20% of them questioned the source. 

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Bolivia's Severe Drought

A severe drought has gripped Bolivia. Taps have run dry from forced rationing and residents line up day and night for water. The capital’s three main water supplies are almost dry. The country relies on the Andean Glaciers for water. They have shrunk between 30 to 50% since the 1970s. Some are project to disappear by 2030. The destruction of rainforest to expand agriculture land is making situation worse.
Juana Limachi – area resident says that they are very worried. All they can do is pray to God for it to rain. Lakes and dams have evaporated. Thousands of people lost their livelihoods when Bolivia’s second largest lake completely dried up. Opposition Lawmaker – Jimena Costa says, the government has given hundreds of thousands of farmers authorization to deforest and contaminate the air with these fires.
Bolivian President – Evo Morales apologized. In this regard he himself release and official apologize and in his statement he says unfortunately, the water control authority and the EPSAS – Public Social Company of Water and Heath never warned us. They never alerted us. I am not trying to lay blame. We are guilty.
Half the country is suffering from a lack of water. Climate change aside, Bolivia has one of the highest fertility rates in Latam. Perhaps we should stop victimizing ourselves and address the real issue: overpopulation.  Climate change aside, Bolivia has one of the highest fertility rates in Latam. Perhaps we should stop victimizing ourselves and address the real issue: overpopulation. You don't need to consume like Americans to destroy your environment. You just need enough people.

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Cool Umbrella

News of cool umbrella has become viral on the social media, as it is a revolution in the history of the umbrella. The company has designed this umbrella especially for the people, who are going to perform HAJJ. It is observed that the temperature of the Middle East is rising with every passing year. The weather forecast department has claimed that this rise in the temperature would remain like this for the next 12 years. To perform Hajj in these hot days was not so easy. So, this cool umbrella is one of the great things for the people, who are going the Middle East.
This cool umbrella has great features in its structure. As it is also known as the solar powered umbrella due to its solar power panels, which are fitted on the outer skin of the umbrella. In fact, this umbrella is not only for the people, who are going to perform Hajj nowadays, it is useful for everyone. The umbrella is the basic need of every person, who often moves outside an office.
This cool umbrella is really cool due to its awesome features. The built in fan on the inner side of the umbrella, two USB ports and one port to charge the mobile phone, a torchlight to see the path in the dark streets and a complete GPS system. These are the features which make this gadget a very cool gadget. This umbrella is going to be very famous for everyone who uses the umbrella.

This Saudi and Palestinian company created this gadget and till now, this is available only in the Saudi Arab. But very soon it will be available everywhere. The name of the company is knowledge based and they hope that their gadget is going to be viral in the whole world. Everyone will be using this cool umbrella in the coming time.

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The Solar Power Umbrella

The Very cool news came in this so hot season about the solar power umbrella. It was a really a great news for the people, who often go out in the very hot season of the summer. Umbrellas are in demand from very long time. This is from one of the basic necessities of the man. It is not only used in the rain. It is more often used in the days of peak hot summer season. There was a great need in the design of basic umbrella so; it was a revolution in the history of the umbrella.
They did not modify the design of the umbrella, but did great changes and added very cool features in the basic design of the umbrella. The umbrella of today is now powered by solar energy. On the top of the umbrella, there are some panels fix in the skin of the umbrella. These panels are solar panels. They energy from the sun and store this solar energy in the handle of the umbrella. The need of a powerful fan arises here and the company also offered the solution of this problem too.
The company fitted a built in fan on the inner side of the solar power umbrella. This small but, powerful fan gives a cool breeze to the person who is under this solar power umbrella. This fan used the power which is being stored in the handle of the umbrella.
This solar power umbrella gets the energy from the sun, stores this energy in the handle and fan is operated with this stored energy. Another awesome feature of this solar powered umbrella is the built-in mobiles phone charger pin and two USB ports. These ports can also be used to charge the mobile phone.
One greater feature of this umbrella is the torch light, which is fixed at the end of the handle of this solar power umbrella.

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Trees Of The World To Make To Astonished

This video is about the astonishing shape of trees in this world. Really, these astonishing trees are present in many of the places. These trees have adopted a shape in a very strange way that by looking to their shape, nobody can think that they are natural in shape. These are found in different countries of the world. These trees are the wonders of the world. Some of them have adopted the shape of the mushroom and some have adopted the shape of a chair. They are quite naturally in their shape. The government of these countries is taking special care of these trees because these trees are the asset for their country and are becoming a raise in the economy through the visitors.
Some of the trees are found in very strange places. They often become the sign of horror for the visitors of these places. People of those countries even do not go near these trees. They also have some very horrible shapes. Some of the trees have adopted the shape an animal. It looks like an animal is standing alone by bowing its head towards the earth. It looks very beautiful and innocent. One of these trees has adopted the shape of a woman, who is sitting by raising her hands up to the sky. It is looking very amazing and astonishing that how the shape came into existence. But this has happened and there is no reason behind the adoption of the shape of these trees.
One more thing is that, somewhere, there is a single tree in this astonishing shape, but, at some places, there is a forest of these astonishing trees. The forest is full of trees with very amazing and strange shapes. Every tree in the forest has been adopted a different and amazing shape. People often visit these forest to see the masterpiece of their God.

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Mysterious Trees Of World

This universe is fully loaded with the mysterious events, creatures, and things. Mysterious events can happen at any time and mysterious creature and things can be found at any place. This is in fact, the rule of nature. There are some mysterious trees in the world found in different countries. The video is showing the pictures of these mysterious trees. One thing special about these mysterious trees is that they all have very long life. It is quite normal that the life of the tree is very long. Even some of the trees in this world have passed centuries and they are at their place like before.
In this video, some pictures of the mysterious trees are shown. These mysterious trees are found at different places. One of the trees is shown which is found in the desert of Bahrain. The name of the tree is “tree of life”. It is said that mysterious tree is at its place from 430 years. It is a very long time. It is very helpful for the people, who travel in the desert because this tree is a sign of life for these people. The place where this tree is present is very hot in the red desert.
One astonishing thing about this tree is that there is no sign of water near this tree. Even then, this tree is giving shadow to its survivors. One important thing to note is that the temperature in the desert goes up to the 110-degree centigrade. It is very amazing to see that due to all these reasons including lack of water, standing on the red hot sand of desert and the burning heat of the sun, this tree is present and also flourishing with the passage of time. This tree is really a mysterious tree in the list of mysterious trees of the world. 

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The mystery of the World Trade Center incident revealed by the Group of Engineers

The video about the mystery of the world trade center was revealed by the group of engineers. This group of engineers was involved in the planning and development team of the world trade center. In the incident of world trade center, two planes hit the world trade center. There were three buildings in the area of world trade center. Out of these three buildings, two went down due to the attack and one went down after the attack. According to the engineers, these buildings went down not due to the planned attack, but due to the bombs.
The group of engineers identified the truth that these buildings were destroyed by the planted bombs in the building. These engineers were the planners and developers of the construction of world trade center. They stated that if the plan attacked the buildings, only the affected part of the building should by destroyed, not the whole building. These engineers also denied the report in which it was said that these buildings were destroyed due to plane hitting. As these buildings were specially designed to cater this type of situation, it was impossible for them to destroy by the plan attacks.
To get the more destruction and causalities, the government of the America planted the bombs in the buildings. Due to these planted bombs in the specific parts of the buildings, the buildings were destroyed and maximum casualties were achieved. The group of engineers claimed that the government of America was involved in the whole planning and the world trade center incident was pre-planned by the government of America. The government destroyed these towers for their purposes. The members of this group of engineers are increasing very rapidly and they all believe that this building was destroyed by the government of America.

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Titanic Movie Full Cast After Many Year

Bernard Hill.

Victor Garber.

Kathy Bates.

Billy Zane.

Loan Gruffudd.

Frances Fisher.

Jonathan Hyde.

Bill Paxton.

Eric Braeden.

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kate Winslet.

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