America Without Immigrants

Have you ever think how America will be without immigrants? Just have a look it will be like this. Thousands of immigrants across the country took the day off to protest President Trump’s immigrants policies. Immigrants comprise 17% of the workforce in America and they made up 47% of the increase in the workforce from 2004 to 2014.

A Call Center Employee – Arma Andino says with her tearful eyes that if I went to my country now, I would not even know where to go and what to do? I don’t know it. I belong here. I am a part of here. I grew up here. An American contractor said his tweet that half of my construction crew did not show up today for A Day Without Immigrants. He also said, immigrants are the ones who are building Austin’s booming real estate. 

A teacher says on tweeter that, this is what my classroom would look like without immigrants. 21 of my 28 kids are boycotting in support of A Day Without Immigrants. Celebrity Chef, Jose Anders says, we are taking care of so many different aspects of the American DNA. But somehow you are not granting us the possibility to become part of the American Dream.

Many restaurants and stores closed their doors for visitors on Thursday to show solidarity with immigrants. Tuis Mota – Chef and Co-Owner of La Contenta says, everybody is working is working over here is immigrant. First generation, second generation. Some just came over here. Without them we are nothing. We will be closed. 

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